Welcome to groundroot learning. I believe that nothing is more important than rooting knowledge from the ground up to continue to learn and grow. This website was created in the hopes that it will keep educators informed of basic foundational information in many areas.  RTI was the inspiration of this idea initially.  RTI or Response to Intervention is truly a way to help students, support teachers, and inform parents. Through this process, we want to help educators and children reach his or her full potential, and more importantly, give simple information and strategies to help continue their growth in the future. This is just beginning and hopefully will grow in providing information.

Face it, educators do not have a lot of time to find out “how”, they need solutions and simple suggestions. This is what encouraged me to put all that I have learned together for others.  My hope is that this information will guide you step by step to forming an effective RTI team and system for your campus.  This written work is a very simplified guide to setting up a team and giving you basic tools to what you really need to know in reviewing students in the RTI process. It will help you actually get started and flow without all the confusion and redundancy other professional programs may have. Once you have reached this level on your campus, you will then have the ability to use other more detailed programs or ideas in tweaking your RTI system. In other words, start simple.  I only wished I would have had something like this to get my campus started instead of spending two years just figuring it out.
Please visit Corwin Press Sage Publications to order this book.  
Cindy Lawrence, M Ed

My philosophy is that all students can learn something.  It is our job as educators to notice our students as individuals who will ultimately become part of society in some capacity, and who will need our guidance, encouragement, and trust to give them the tools to be successful in that capacity. Monitoring and developing goals for individual students gives us a realistic look at what our students need to eventually be successful in the real world.

My Philosophy
Classroom strategies, shared ideas, and much more will be added periodically. If you have a great lesson or activity you would like to share, please email us so we can review it and post it with your name.


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Author of The RTI Start Up Guide: Tools and Templates for Schoolwide Implementation

I have been in education for 20 years.  My love has been in the early years of foundational teaching.  However, in the last few years I have moved into intervention and recently coordinator of our campus RTI system.  This has been a very challenging but most rewarding job. Consequently, I served on our district RTI team and this was helpful in learning district policy. In doing this job, I have been faced with the task of implementing and “selling” RTI to the campus.  Over the last 3 years, I have asked every question along with researching who, when, where, what, and HOW to put together a team with a continued effective RTI system on my campus.There were many books and websites that discussed RTI on a district level.   Unfortunately, there was not mu ch about how to start RTI on a campus level. The most difficult part in  implementation is answering the question, “Where do I start?”  Honestly, it took much of my own personal research to understand the steps to creating a campus RTI system.  I know there are great programs out there that look very professional.  However, they are overwhelming and you must weed through the jargon to really get to what you need to organize, plan, and initiate in a realistic way.